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our strengths
  • Quick response on RFQs
  • Ability to do design-in and second sourcing
  • Provide local tape and reel services to customers within 24 hrs
  • Stocking program to cut down turn-around time
  • Good working relationship with both customers and suppliers
  • Contactable at all time, 24 x 7 through phone and emails
  • Ability to do bar-code labels locally, requirements in today's market
  • Comprehensive coverage in southern part of Asia
About Us

Our Journey

Nav8 Pte Ltd was co-founded by Gary Toh and Robin Voo, in 2000, who both had more than 15 years each of working experience in the electronic industries at that time.

Their passion for electronics has put them together to set up Nav8 together, with the objective and goal to serve customers better and to help them to be competitive.

Nav8 believes in staying focused on supplying specialized components to the niche industries. It does not believe in distributing various brands of the same product. Rather we believe in excelling in providing complimentary products for total design solutions.

Nav8 believes in dedication to its customers and principals. We strive to grow steadily together. We work towards integrating ourselves into our customers activities fully with long term objectives via dedicated business (pre and post sales, logistics) support and technical design-ins.

Our Principals Journey

  • Year 2000

    Awarded distributorship from American Technical Ceramics and Advanced Monolithic Systems

    American Technical Ceramics manufactures and distributes High Q Low ESR ceramic capacitors, Power resistive products, Wire-wound chip inductors, Single layer capacitors, capacitor assembly, custom thin-film products and fabrication, Low-temperature Co-fired Ceramics (LTCC). Advanced Monolithic Systems manufactures and distributes low drop-out voltage regulators, voltage references, DC-DC converters. Markets served – PC and Networking.

  • Year 2006

    Awarded distributorship from AMI Semiconductors in Y2006

    AMI Semiconductors manufacture and distribute semiconductor products like the mixed signal ASIC, ASSPs, CIS modules etc for the automotive, medical and industrial markets.

  • Year April 2006

    Awarded distributorship from ComTech PST in April 2006

    ComTech PST manufactures and distributes solid state power amplifiers for the telecommunication and satellite communication industries.